Sunday, January 22, 2017

The price to pay for living in Paradise...

As much as we love living here, and as beautiful as it is, there are times when Nature reminds us who's boss.

For example, sometimes those trees drop branches... big branches. Car- or roof- or human-crushing branches.

Or, sometimes, the whole tree comes down...

 If there is one defining character of this region, I'd have to say that would be "damp".  On occasion, that means rain... lots of rain. The Russian River has had a few flood events over the course of the last few decades, the worst in recent history being in 1986.

Rio Nido rockpile, flooded
The first winter we lived here, on December 12, 2014, a significant rainfall brought the river up to 33 feet, one foot above flood stage. During the summer, this spot looks more like this...

Rio Nido rockpile, not flooded

This year, in January of 2017, it looks like this... 

Burn it. Burn it with FIRE!
Perhaps worse than any weather-related challenges though is the looming threat of poison oak.

One only need experience this once in it's extreme before learning to stock gallons of Tecnu and at least 2 courses of Prednisone on hand as precautionary measures. It is also good to have a decontamination protocol in place after trapesing through the back yard and before re-entering the house.

OK Nature, you win.

Given the dampness and copious shade, mold is also an ever-present element. There really isn't any way to avoid it entirely, but we have found that having a dehumidifier running when the humidity hits 65+ does wonders, especially in our little house.

And finally, the meek, who will surely inherit this planet. I've not had dealings with the business end of this one, but I am fairly certain I would prefer it over the poison oak.